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Thoughts Are Tumbling

 Barkley L. Hendricks: Icon for My Man Superman, 1969 

Young Jay

So I decided to take the wife on a surprise weekend for qualifying as a Lawyer and Plan A collapsed when her dad decided to show her the text I sent to him drawing out our travel info.

So she knew we were heading to Paris but Plan B worked a treat until we boarded the train heading to the concert and a Essex couple sitting opposite ask us if she was off to see Jay Z!  

Before I wax lyrical about the show and have to inform those with a wonderful palate that they sell macaroons in Mc D,€4.95 for six.fucking splendid! 

When Nicki came on it Crowned an amazing night of pure showmanship.J and B really have the formula to performing at the top level,2 hours of joyous memories intwined with a breathtaking backdrop of film. The best concert I’ve watched in years.

The only downside to the weekend was not seeing Lauren Hill on the Saturday.

Restaurant recommendation goes to Cinq-Mars. The Wife couldn’t finish the Chocolate Moose which was probably for two but hey,who’s complaining? 

Worth every penny.